Saturday, October 29, 2005

Soap Box Time

It's soap box time. Want to know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of bending over backwards for people and not even getting a thank you back. I'm sick of people venting to me and I sit and listen sympathetically but when I want to talk, they can only talk about themselves and their problems. I'm sick of hooking everyone up. I'm sick of getting run over by everyone, I mean EVERYONE! If being accomodating and nice to people gives them a license to treat me like a slave pre-Lincoln, I might as well be a bitch the rest of my life, maybe then I'll get some respect. So here's what I have to say, FUCK OFF EVERYONE! I don't need your crap and I don't like doing things for everyone and getting nothing in return.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What They Don't Want to Hear

Sometimes you have to tell your friends what they don't want to hear because it needs to be said. No one else is going to come outright and say these things except you. Eventhough they may all completely agree with you. How many times do I wish that my friends had said "Della, get your head out of your ass! What's happening here isn't good for you!" But rarely did they say that. Though, in the case of K-Fel they each staged their own form of an intervention and eventually I came out of my trance, thankful that I hadn't gotten deeper into it. When NONE of your friends like your boyfriend, it should be a good indication that he's not even close to your caliber. This is what's going on with a good friend of mine. Britney* doesn't like that I've told her that it's time for her to move on from the dead-end guy she's hung on to for way too long. Bottom line- She deserves better than a guy who doesn't even acknowledge that they were ever a couple, or whom in the year or + I've known her I've never met, or the guy that left her for someone else. Now, I have very little room to talk, but I didn't waste over a year on K-Fel and I got out before any serious damage was done or serious feelings were hurt. But Britney, I understand loneliness, I understand waking up in the middle of the night alone, I understand not being held, I understand not feeling that loved feeling. Don't run back to him because you feel these things. These are small sacrafices that need to be made for your longterm happiness. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over, expecting a different result.

*Names have been changed to protect the romantically drugged.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Service Learning Project

For nursing school, every semester we have to do some sort of service learning project as part of the curriculum. Some other girls from class and I are going to a home for mentally handicapped people that a classmate works at and we're going to make cookies with them. Easy enough, right? But my question is- What kind of cookies do you make with handicapped people? I'm thinking either regular chocolate chip or monster cookies. What do you guys think?

What's that smell? It's just my apartment building

I love La Jua's (La Juanita's for you non-Sioux Citians) as much as anyone else that is thankful that they're open until 4AM, but must my apartment building constantly smell like authentic mexican food? My apartment complex is made up of about 75% hispanics and approximately 60% of the complex doesn't speak English. I may live in the ghetto but the apartment itself is nice, except that constant smell. Super annoying.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

On a more serious note

Lately in the local Sioux City Urinal, I mean Journal, there have been a more than necessary number of stories about sex offenders who's "rights" have been hindered. They are complaining that new laws restricting them from living in certain areas or even cities is forcing them to uproot and move to a strange place. There have been stories about convicted sex offenders that have supposedly been "rehabilitated" and endured treatment for their "sickness" for over 20 years that now have to move because of these laws. The Urinal is almost seemingly sympathetic to these convicts. It's nauseating. First of all, I don't believe these people can ever be fully rehabilitated. Someone as demented and twisted that could do these things to a child, molest someone or rape anyone has such a deep rooted evil that I believe they can never be "rehabilitated" to a functional, healthy member of society. I believe these people are like drug addicts, they may not do their drug of choice anymore but the urge will always be inside them, taunting them for just one last hit. Well here is my response to your complaints, you evil twisted fucks, I'm sorry if moving is inconvenient to you, but maybe defiling a virginal, innocent child or vulnerable woman or even man was inconvenient to them. Your punishment doesn't end when you get out of prison or off probation, it never ends. You made this decision all on your own, live with it. I hope it was worth it.

This is one article

See for yourselves. Feel free to disagree with me.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Pet Peeve of the Week

This week's pet peeve is when total strangers see you cry even though every muscle in your body is contracting to stop the inevitable tears and ask you rhetorically, "What's wrong, hun? Are you okay?" Alright, so I've had a really bad week. But seriously, If I'm walking briskly and not making eye contact, I don't want to talk. So keep your fake sympathy and beat it!

P.S. Please, no one take this personally. I truly love you all but just let me cry in peace. Not all the blogs can be shining and exhilerating!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cowboy Classy!

So, my best friend Aviry Renae Truhe has these fabulous boots that she got at a rumage sale for $0.50, that's right, 50 cents. And somehow they seem to go great with everything! So naturally I had to have a pair of my own! But, it's impossible to find a great pair of size 10s, so I had to look elsewhere. Then I found these babies on Ebay! Aren't they beautiful? I have to have them! They go great with our "cowboy chic" phase, don't you think? I wear a ton of brown so I think I'll wear them more than you think. Anyway, let me know what you think. So shiny!

Avs sportin' "the boots" at last years' toga party. See, they go with everything!
P.S. Yes, that is the notorious MJ dance off moves!

John Basedow is NOT dead!

Okay, so Bubba once again is full of B.S. The website says that John is alive and well. But this still doesn't change the fact that a six pack or 4% body fat are useless in a tsunami!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another reason fat is the new skinny.

Bubba and I were getting a lobotomy visually (watching TV) when we saw a commercial for Fitness Made Simple workout videos. The trainer in these videos is a man named John Basedow. If you've ever seen these commercials you'd know that this man probably has around 4% body fat. Bubba then informs me that this man died in the tsunami. Which isn't at all funny. But all I can think to myself is, "Your six pack couldn't save you then, could it?" Just another example of how fat is the new skinny, 4% body fat is useless in a tsunami.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Pet Peeve of the Week

The Pet Peeve of the Week is:

People who are so against pop culture and trends that they themselves are actually a cliche. These people spend so much time trying to hate everything that they automatically make themselves a loser. They only like bands like Shirttails426 (I totally made them up) and other bands that no one has ever heard of and they're so underground that you need a coolness background check to even be informed of them. I wish these people would spend a little less time trying to be the first to know and a little more time enjoying what they actually enjoy. Get over yourselves. I love Kelly Clarkson and fun ringtones and I don't care what you think!

My phone is a POS

My phone is a POS. The first time it broke was only 4 mo after I got it. My ex-roommate was talking on it and biffed it while walking and it got smashed underneath her against the sidewalk. After that it only worked on speaker phone. No inconspicuous phone sex in public places for me anymore! I got insurance on it and turned it in but the insurance company said it was "User Abuse" (bullshit!) It's been that way for about the last 14 mo. Then, last week I dropped it coming out of clinicals and it broke again. Now it only works sometimes, and other times only one person can hear the other and other times it ends the call after 14 seconds. I hate that POS. So I told the insurance company that I dropped it in the tub and they're supposed to send me a now one today. But crappy DHL didn't deliver it by 5:00 PM like they *guaranteed* to so I have to wait, again! After 14 mo., this is like waking up Christmas morning and Christmas has been postponed a day. Sucks!

See! It's not my fault

This is proof that it's not my fault. I'm an addict, just going through withdrawl.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Top 10 Offbeat Pageants

Top 10 Offbeat Pageants

Check out #8

Ouch! That stung, but only a little.

"Ahhh!" (Rrriiiiipppp!) <- That's the sound of me tearing off the K-Fel band-aid.

Haunted house anyone?

Anyone want to go on a fabulous unofficial Haunted House tour with me this weekend? It'll be fun!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Holes in the toes

This is my philosophy on holes in the toes or anywhere on your socks. I'm generally very against it. As, Avs would say, "It's not real classy." But I think you'll all agree that there are sometimes when its borderline acceptable. The only two acceptable times are the very last day before you do laundry and when you're on the rag (cuz you're definately not gonna hook-up with anyone so no one will see your raggedy, holey socks). Any time other than that is just lazy.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

205 Million Dollars!

This Saturday's estimated Powerball jackpot is 205 MILLION dollars. This is obscene! But I am still, nonetheless, getting 5 tickets. I'm as much of a greedy sucker as anyone else. But this led me to think, "What would I do with 205 million dollars (granted, it's about 60% less after taxes)?" I'd have to say the first thing I would do is pay off my measly credit card debt. Then I'd quit nursing school. Yes, it is supposed to be a passion but who needs to work for soul fullfillment when you can buy it? Then I'd buy a house in Cinqua Terre, Italy, a little slice of heaven pie on Earth. After that, I would buy back Zort's Fireworks and make sure that it stays in our family. I'd also donate at least $10 Million to Alzheimer's research, dedicated to Gramps Zortman. I'd get AA drunk for a few years and then settle down with my not-so-brilliant model husband. Then I'd live happily ever after forever and ever. . .
. . . Oh, and I'd buy that pet midget I've always wanted.

What would you do?

Who's Your Daddy?

This season's latest trend!

This season's latest trend is Cowboy boyfriends. I don't know anyone that doesn't have one! They've only become popular in the last month or so but they are here with a vengence! They aren't as easy to obtain as last season's Bad-Boy boyfriends, but much cheaper and stress free. The positives of having your very own Cowboy boyfriend are as follows:
- they are gentlemen- open doors, pay for drinks, etc. . .
- many but not all have those "good ole boy" country values
- Sunday dinners at "Mama's house" (when's the last time you had a home cooked meal?)
- sex in beat up pick up trucks (YEE HAW!)
- tight jeans
- cut little accents

The negatives of Cowboy boyfriends are:
- kinda dirty and stinky sometimes
- harder to get rid of than badboys (they just go to jail!)
- farmer tans aren't at all sexy!
- those tight jeans tend to cut off circulation
- sex in beat up pick up trucks (not exactly CLASSY)
- poor grammer (gets really annoying)

This season's latest fashion accessory can be obtained at the nearest Bomgaars, Seed N' Feed, or small town bar. Look for Next season's College Dropout Boyfriend to be coming out soon!

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Most Beautiful Man on Earth

Proof That God Loves Me
Call me a loser, I could give a turd less. I am unashamed that I am a ridiculous, obsessed Smallville fan. Tom Welling is the most beautiful man on earth. Truly, if I could design a man out of my deepest fantasies- he's it! I'm so excited for Smallville's final season that I'll rearrange may classes or emergency surgery to steer clear of Thrusdays at 8 PM CST on the WB.