Monday, February 20, 2006

"Are you some kind of damn moron?"

This last Saturday night, Avs, Ashley, Amy, Tami and I went to Bonkers Comedy Club at the Argosy Casino. I left my truck with the valet and went in. The show itself was something to write about, but that's not the point of this post. . . Afterwards, we decide to go to Fatty's for a little drinky-drinky-poo and I hop in my car and head down there. Still, nothing abnormal with this. We drank and danced a little and then decided to go to a friends for an after-bar. I get into my car, alone, and head that way. Then . . . out of the blue . . . I hear a voice talking like it's coming out of a CB radio . . .

What could this be? Where is it coming from? Who is talking? Are they talking to me?

Me, being ever-so-slightly more than buzzed, start to freak out a little. I actually dropped my chapstick out of my hand into the unknown abyss of the floor of my car. I think crazy thoughts like: Is someone in the back of my car? Did I buy a CB and forget about it? Oh-muh-gahd, is this a set-up by the cops because they know I'm driving drunk?

No, it was none of these things.

Some damn moron that was either parking or retrieving my car left his damn walkie-talkie in my truck from the casino! So naturally I had to play with them a little. You know, the usual crap you pull with people on walkie-talkies only this time the people I was talking to didn't know who I was and I was a little drunk, if you can imagine how that went. Long story short I ended up telling them what happened and took it back to them the next morning. But if this had happened to Papa Joe I KNOW it would have merited two fingers to the head!