Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I heart Koi

Don't ask why I posted this, they're just one of my favorite things.

Mmmm. . . Snowy Days

I adore snowy days, almost as much as I adore rainy days. The thought of old movies, hot chocolate (with a little Bailey's or Dr. McGillicutty's), and a cute boy to cuddle with makes the perfect snowy day. Getting buzzed and tumbling down a hill attempting to sled or making deformed snow angels is another fabulous snowy day activity. I think Avs' Aspen idea is looking really good right about now. Anybody up for a midwinter's road trip? Free room and board! (maybe) Seriously, though, a road trip is definately in order over Winter break. Let me know if you're interested!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When will I learn that J-town boys are bad for your health?

I'll never learn. Since Avs and I started hanging out, I've gotten to know some of her J-town boys and then some other ones I've gotten to know. But, I do believe that I will never learn that nothing good ever comes from hooking up with, making out with or flirting with a J-town boy. For example, the Edward Scissorhands incident, Volleyball's disasterous end of the season, the "Travelin' Soldier" situation, and most recently my strep throat that I acquired pre-Thanksgiving from an un-named J-town boy. I'll never learn. What is it about them?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Holiday parties SC stylie!

I've been thinking that its about time for another of Avs and I's classic parties. Perhaps another toga party or the Nascar party or a meat in a tube party (that could be fun!). I'm just craving some uninhibited gettin' crazy time w/ my crew. Yeah, we make it a point to go out together like once a week, but I think something planned a little more could be fun too. Ooh! Maybe one of those porn parties! I'll come up with something classic, don't fret.

Pics of last years toga party

Brandi, Me, Avs, and Amber pre-party

Me, Heather, Amber, Erica, Spooner, and Avs

Adam "Grab Bag" Spooner

Bubba, Heather, and Avs

Me, Heather (grimace), and Avs
Can you see a gradual decline?

Pregos? Hope not!

Lately all I want to eat are hard boiled eggs and wasabi covered peas that come in one of those "Mountain Man" trail mixes. Oh, and colby jack cheese, too. Weird, huh?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Words that should never be uttered together

I'm in Brandi's room at her computer and I look over to see the book that she's reading. The only words out of my mouth are

"What is she reading? Smut? From the Dollar Store?"

No joke, this is one of those cheap erotica novels that has a Dollar Store label on it. I'm dying to read this one. The book review will be on Aviry's Blog in the next few months or years. (She's a slow reader, amongst other things)

Two Points of Business

Two points of business need to be addressed in today's blogging.
Point of Business #1:
If I do end up flunking out of Nursing II (there is a gravely serious chance that I may) I have something to fall back on. I was talking to my BFF (no, I'm not really 14y.o., but, yes, I did say BFF), Carin, and balling my eyes out and being the amazing best friend that she is, she pointed a few things out to me.
1) That you are supposed to base your profession on what you love to do.
2) That the three things I love to do more than anything in the whole world are playing with kids, puppies and going boating.
3) If nursing fails, then I can always fall back on being a professional pirate with a day care aboard ship who walks dogs on the side for a living.
I feel SO much better now that I have that settled!

Point of Business #2
Ms. Aviry Renae Truhe and I were watching her favorite show, Jeopardy: the College Edition, today and noted two things: that the college boy who keeps winning, Nico, is a serious patotie (as in Hottie Patotie) and that we knew almost every answer they knew and we didn't get study guides and we are both college flunkies/Community College educated. They need Jeopardy: the Drunken Years or College Flunkies. It would have catagories such as "The Drugs You Did", "Things You Did Instead of Going to Class", "Spring Break Shananagans", "Posting Bail In Different States", "The Walk of Shame", "It's Only a Felony If They Catch You", "Ways to Force Alcohol Into Your Body", and for math wizards "Probabilities Of Getting Busted". That would be more interesting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I need a vacation.

I decided that I need a vacation. I'm so ridiculously bored in this town that I'm going stir crazy. I need at least 4 days to just get away and be away from almost everyone I know. Some time to myself to just be away. Maybe I'll go to the cabin, maybe to the Twin Cities to see Carin, maybe Des Moines and hang with Josh, maybe some po-dunk town where I know no one and will be left alone. All I know is I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and it's starting to get to me. 24 years here is long enough. I'm really ready to be gone. Maybe when school gets out, we'll see, but it probably won't happen. That minor detail of being incredibly poor always gets in the way. So I'll just dream on my blog.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ear wax candles?

This is kinda gross, but, I woke up today and showered and noted that I had a bit of build up in my ears. So I dug out the Q-tips and got to work, realizing that there was more than usual coming out. Has anyone ever heard of those candles that you put in your ear and let burn and it pulls out all the ear wax? I know they're a hippy thing, but do they work? If anyone has any info on these please let me know. It's definately another thing that I don't need but sure do want to have around!

Quote of the week, day, month, whatever

"Dude, I just got body slammed by that skinny redneck!" - When I get drunk, I wrestle.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got my boots! Officially!

Whoo-hooo!!! I got my boots, now I just have to wait 3-12 days for shipping and stuff. But I'm super excited! I'm gonna sleep in those babies when they get here. Oh yeah! Mama's excited! I'll post some pics of me sportin' 'em when I get 'em, so you all can sit and glare with jealousy!

P.S. I had to take the pic of 'Lici down. It was just too mean, sorry Goddess!

I'm getting my boots!

Okay, so there's still 2h left in the auction but I'm pretty sure I can call them mine, and I'm super excited!

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Harsh Realization, A Dream Shattered

One of my favorite pasttimes is throwing impromptu concerts in my car while I'm driving. I belt out my favorite songs from the Stones to Rascal Flatts to old Blue Eyes. Having people in the car doesn't stop me. But, I've never stopped and turned the radio off and listened to myself acapella. Tonight I did. I learned that I'm not a good singer at all. I'm pretty tone deaf and can't carry a note at all, but, boy, is my heart in it! I also can't sing anything sung by a woman, I'm a tenor. So my silent dreams of MTV awards and hearing myself on the radio have been shattered. No rhinestone bras or fake extensions are in my future. No heartfelt ballads that teenagers everywhere cry themselves to sleep to every night. No chick punk bands in leather (a lifelong dream). No, I'll be here in Iowa. I used to be able to sing. . . once. . .
I sang with my school choir (which you did have to try out for) at Carnegie Hall in NYC the summer after my senior year. We sang Handel's Messiah, no easy feat. But my voice was trained then, I sang every day for at least 2 h, and I didn't smoke. So that helped feed my dreams of being the next Nora Jones, unfruitfullly.
I'm not going to stop, though. No, my passion will not be denied. I'll keep sing out of tune until my face is purple and my voice is hoarse. No, I'll keep singing until I'm old and grey. I'll die singing in the shower, "Daniel's traveling tonight on a plane, I can see the red tail lights, headed for SpaaaaAAAAiiiin, Oh-oooh, I can see Daniel waving good-bye. . ."

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Love the 5 areas of expertise blog

So I decided to post my own.
I'd have to say that my 5 areas are (in no certain order):
1)nail polish colors
2)country love songs
3)kissing puppies and babies
4)teeny-bopper movie lines
5)conversations about total nonsense

I wish one of those was being a nurse, hopefully someday, but not now. Looking at that list. Its very similar to that of a 13 year old girls. Hmm . . . what does that say about me?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Boy, did I need that.

Thank you very much, Corey.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another simple pleasure

I found my favorite song in a ring tone this week and I'm super excited about it. Ask anyone, my fav song is Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes". Eventhough I don't like bananas or pancakes. I dont know why but it's the most soothing thing I've heard in a long time and I can't stop playing it. Especially when I'm drunk. It hasn't just been a phase, this has been going on for like a year. I finally found it in a ringtone so now Jack and I can be together always. (sighs) Life is good.
Sample Jack here.

Oh Claire Danes, Who on This Earth Did You Blow?

I'm watching 1998's Les Miserable with Mr. Liam Neeson which I love. When I get sick I revert back to the classics like Les Mis, Pride and Predjudice and Lilo and Stitch. But, all I can think about is how ungodly homely Claire Danes is. This isn't the first time I've thought that. Even when I was 12 watching "My So-Called Life" I thought to myself, "If that hooch can get Jerod Leto, so can I!" That chin alone is cause for a charity event. "Won't you please give so that this poor girl doesn't have to risk her life by being engulfed in this man-eating crevice? For only ten cents a day, this girl will receive a mask that will protect her from her own face." That thing is hideous! I hate butt chins. And now she's Steve Martin's love interest in "Shopgirl". Awwww! That's just wrong! Who did this bug-eyed, sickly pale, butt-chinned, red-headed step-child blow to get into Hollywood and stay there? I mean seriously, does ANYONE find her attractive? That must be some Hoover she's got on her mug. Gross.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Latest addition to my wishlist

So thisis the latest addition to my christmas wishlist. I want a fireplace (even if it's fake) really badly! I just see the stockings hanging with care and hear chestnuts roasting on the alchol gel. It's kinda expensive but once again, Classy! I think it'll be very cozy in my ghetto apartment.