Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quote of the day, week, month, whatever

The names have been changed to protect the romantically challenged.
"Lenny's so romantic, he's like, 'Kim take off your pants'."

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another fabulous weekend!

So another fabulous weekend has come and gone. This was my weekend off and I think I spent my time rather wisely. I had an alzheimer's walk Saturday A.M. followed by a relaxing boat ride with my family on McCook Lake. Later I had dinner with Aviry Renae at Applehoe's, I mean bee's. Applebee's. Then we joined some rather rowdy friends of ours in a limo ride around town while we worked on our pre-Biker Night's buzz. Then we hit downtown to proceed to get unmorally drunk and make sure that everyone there knew exactly what fools we are. This morning I woke up to a well deserved hang over and then ran an errand and met Aviry for lunch. Brandi and I hit the nearest public pool for some rays before I came over to my parents' house to help my dad set the dock up. We didn't get that accomplished but I still feel like the weekend was far from a waste. Now back to the grind of carrying old, fat people and wiping butts. God bless me.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Lyle J. Zortman 6/9/1910- 6/9/2005

Thursday morning my grandfather died. He was 95. This isn't the best way to start off a new blog but, its better than sitting in the kitchen with my entire family and listening to them hash out all of the details and try to get along for the sake of his memory. It's really bizarre to me that he died on his 95th birthday, but that's a Zortman for you. Always go out with a bang. Like my dad says, "This ain't dress rehearsal. So buy the expensive shampoo."

I'm sure there will be some interesting cat fights amongst the mafia-esque clan of Zortman women. We'll have full coverage of the weekends events only on this blog! So stay tuned! Brought to you by Zoloft and whatever brand of wine Aunt Jani has in her glass now. God I love my family!